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Privacy policy


Economtaxi takes care off the privacy of each customer or website visitor according to the rules of the art and as described by the GDPR act.


We use cookies on our website, you can read more in our "cookie policy"


If you ask a question on our website then we store data, but only to contact you and to answer your question or help you with your problem. For bookings we only store the who, what and from/to.
Your personal data will only be stored if you create a booking or account in our bookingystem. This data is needed in order to complete your booking.


If you want to be sure that we do not have any data about you, you can contact us by filling out our contact form, or by mail on or by phone on +32 485 804 382. Please always add your name and phonenumber in an email.

Erasing your data

If you want to have your data erased, you can send us a mail on with all relevant data, so we can easily search for your data.


Economtaxi can modify this privacy policy at any time without notifications to comply with Belgian and EU laws.

Where do we store data

We store our mail in gmail and bookings in our booking software. Our service providers may not use your data under any circumstances.

Your consent

By using this website you automatically agree to this privacy policy.